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Revolutionizing Educational Management

EduKrypt School, a comprehensive school management system aimed at optimizing and automating administrative responsibilities and procedures in educational organizations.


Edukrypt School provides an array of features that allows teachers and administrators to focus more on student development and academic excellence.

Notice Board

EduKrypt School offers a digital platform for sharing announcements and notices, facilitating communication with all stakeholders.


EduKrypt School efficiently manages student fees, allowing customizable fee structures for different grade levels and courses.


EduKrypt School tracks and manages student attendance, generating automated reports.


EduKrypt School manages transportation services, organizing pickup points and routes for smooth operations.


EduKrypt School provides a comprehensive directory of students and staff, including contact information.


EduKrypt School enables real-time communication and collaboration among all users.

My Teachers

EduKrypt School provides a platform for students to access information and communicate with their teachers

My Diary

EduKrypt School offers a personalized digital diary for reflections, achievements, and challenges.

My Assignments

EduKrypt School streamlines academic assignment management for students.


EduKrypt School assists in managing the school library and tracking book history.


EduKrypt School streamlines examination processes, aiding in scheduling and accessing exam-related information.

Events Upcoming

EduKrypt School facilitates planning and organization of upcoming school events.

Upcoming School Trips

Edukrypt School essential information regarding a trip, such as destination, dates, and trip guidelines.


EduKrypt School tracks and manages student birthdays, sending automated reminders to staff.


EduKrypt School provides a platform for managing visual content related to school activities.


EduKrypt School allows users to create and manage personal profiles with academic information.

Academic Session

EduKrypt School manages the academic calendar and course selection.

Student Activity

EduKrypt School tracks and manages various extracurricular or co-curricular activities of students.


EduKrypt School tracks and monitors students' academic progress and performance in an organized view.


EduKrypt School provides assistance and technical support to users, offering a knowledge base or FAQs section.


EduKrypt School manages and tracks school merchandise and inventory, simplifying procurement and reordering processes.

Live Classes

EduKrypt School enables real-time virtual classroom sessions between teachers and students.

Video On Demand

EduKrypt School allows users to access pre-recorded educational videos at their convenience.

PDF Notes

EduKrypt School allows users to create, upload, and share PDF documents containing important study materials.


EduKrypt School enables teachers to create, manage, and administer multiple-choice assessments or quizzes for students.

Practice Tests

EduKrypt School allows students to take practice tests to enhance their learning and preparation for exams.

Tally Integration

EduKrypt School integrates with Tally, facilitating the transfer of financial and accounting data between the two systems


Why Edukrypt School?

EduKrypt School provides a centralized database to manage comprehensive student profiles ensuring quick and easy access to accurate student data whenever needed.

  • Class schedules
  • Academic Records
  • Fees
  • Transport
  • Exam Results 
  • Communications

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