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Easy Setup

Encryption is very quick & easy to setup in just a few clicks & has at hand lightning fast Support from our Call Centre


The process of downloading and setting up the EduKrypt platform or application on a device.

Get Video

Obtain video content, which includes educational, instructional materials available on the EduKrypt platform.


Engage in learning activities by watchinh the videos, absorbing the information, and acquiring knowledge

Designed and built for institute just like yours.

We know this in our gut ourselves? One of the most difficult aspects of achieving success is staying motivated over the long haul.


Safeguards educational videos with robust encryption technology.


Conduct live sessions, allowing educators to engage with students for immediate interaction

Test Managment

Engage in real-time discussions with instructors and peers during lessons.


Access and manage digital textbooks and course materials seamlessly.

Fees Managment

Create, take, and grade quizzes and exams effortlessly.


Prevents viewers from capturing screens or recording the encrypted video using external tools

Employee Managment

Advanced watermarking capabilities that allow embedding unique identifiers or logos.

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